[-empyre-] Re: empyre Digest, Vol 12, Issue 26

Dear Em's and JIm

One of my hopes is that it will allow me to collaborate with artists who
have greater visual skills are more focused on the visual -- facilitating
a collaboration that draws together different skills, in which everyone
can understand and work with the code.

Yes processing is a fun little application - although I suspect for introductory programming,
It's not going to make the grade. I use flash and actionscript for introductory programing
because of it's verbose and natural ( like english) syntax.

Processing is one of many cute little graphic apps that produce narrow visual expressions.
Check BDD( http://www.bermuda.ch/bureaudestruct/bddesigner/index.html -authored in Director )
out for producing 1960's swiss graphics. I use these applications to explore the inevitable imposition
of style by produced by graphic applications, in an attempt to lure students away from photoshop filter frenzy.

Ian Hobbs

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