[-empyre-] Thanks to radioqualia and pingfm

-excuse the crossover, this got stuck for a day at my mailserver-

Dear Adam, Honor, Jan, Lars and Sebastian & -empyreans-,

thanks to all of you who have contributed to our discussion on the »slip.stream of the net«!

It has been very interesting to observe the variety of issues that are concerned with streaming media and net.radio.
We started out with questioning if the "web as we (like) to know it" with its browser-centrism is able to provide an appropriate environment for all kinds of networked media.
Then, a quite controversial debate evolved on the aesthetics of data-reduction and its artistic technical necessity vs originality. The notion of the net's "resonance" and hence dimension&space brought to light by compression artifacts seems to be a very inspiring thought among many others.
Simultaneously we followed another thread that led us straight to net.economics, politics and the open source movement. radioqualia's »Radio Free Linux«-Project provided a very interesting and satiric view on how free software and free radio do relate. Finally Jan Brueggemeier's work-in-progress »neture« re-introduced the real world of the »shrinking city« and its implications with networked and broadcasted (micro) media.

I believe all of these threads deserve to be continued and explored in many different artistic and theoretic ways.
radioqualia will are currently working on their ongoing »radio-astronomy« project in Latvia and elsewhere - hopefully we will be able to witness the first results of this exciting research soon, check out their website for updates: http://www.radioqualia.net
pingfm are streaming every sunday night from 20:00-22:00 C.E.T. http://www.pingfm.org, furthermore Jan's project »neture« on the »shrinking city« continues: http://pingfm.org/leipzig

I once again would like to thank the guests and all other members who contributed for their commitment.

Now we welcome Christina McPhee and criticalartware for another exciting month on -empyre-!


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