[-empyre-] May on -empyre-: more than 'push play' : the playful cybernetics of criticalartware and experimental video pioneers

May on -empyre- soft skinned space....

More than 'Push Play': the Playful Cybernetics of Criticalartware


   -empyre- welcomes  criticalartware (US), an artists group with a radical
take on 'art as software/software as art'. Inspired to build a live,
reflexive trace of early video practice of the seventies, criticalartware
has created  "liken" --  a cybernetic platform for both discussion and
development of  techno-social theory and practice. This May, please join
Criticalartware and friends, including some of the pioneers of experimental
video practice, including Sherry Miller Hocking, Dan Sandin and Kate

 How is the live memory trace of early experimental video practice
important?  Might  the cybernetic 'play' of "liken" a feedback revival of
seventies visions of art as a transforming social practice?

Please join criticalartware on -empyre-  with

blithe riley


// criticalartware coreDevelopers

----------------------------->blithe riley's art uses media spectacle to
blur distinctions between  real/imagined, past/present, and live/recorded.
She curates video for Transmissions,  Ladyfest, and  Press Play Video, and
is a founding member of  Pink Bloque, a radical feminist dance troop in

---------------------------->bensyverson outputs mediaTypes such as
[movies/videos], web applications, software and more. His output files
include the satromizer plugin (2001), the criticalartware statementmaker
(2002), liken (2004) + the criticalartware operating system (in progress).

------------------------------>jonsatrom's output consists of live video
glitching, custom built hardware, colorful glitchware + artware. jonsatrom
works as a web-designer + systems
analyst. <http://selectall.org>

------------------------------>jonCates is an artist w/a systems approach to
new media. jonCates currently teaches in the Film, Video and New Media dept
@ School of the Art Institute of Chicago. as a curator + organizer, jonCates
is a co-organizer of the Version>04: invisibleNetworks convergence, as
well as past Version festivals + curates Game-Video, a screening of
videos influenced [+/or] informed by video games.

--and friends, among them video pioneers

---------------------------->Sherry Miller Hocking (Assistant Director of
the Experimental Television Center, Project Director of the Video History
Project, educator, curator + organizer of media arts events {for over 30

---------------------------->Kate Horsfield (Executive Director of the Video
Data Bank + producer + distributor of media art works, events, festivals,
compilations anthologies + collections {for over 30 years})

------------------------------>Dan Sandin (founder of Electronic
Visualization Lab @ University of Illinois Chicago, creator of the Sandin
Image Processor, the CAVE virtual reality system, educator, researcher +
artist {for over 30 years})

Subscribe at <http://www.subtle.net/empyre>


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