[-empyre-] 04 initial comments

//the following are a few comments 
//from criticalartware
//about the upcoming discussion:

00. criticalartware suggests that empyre subscribers create [person
nodes/accounts] in liken, the [codebase/responsive system] that underlies
criticalartware, functions as an artware + substructure, growing based on open
participation by anyone who contributes to criticalartware. liken's
[form/structure/body] is [a/an] [product/agent] of criticalartware's resources
growing symbiotically with collaborative texts (Likis), comments, the posting of
nodes + the traversal of paths:


01. criticalartware will archive all posts during the month of May + create a
transcript of excerpts which will be nodalized in, on + through liken + made
available as shared resources [in/on] the criticalartware [application/platform].

02. blithe riley, coreDeveloper of criticalartware will have limited
availability during MAY + may not be able to participate as often in the
conversation as other coreDevelopers.

03. with empyre, criticalartware will facilitate discussion, form a connect to
the empyre community + compile an open discourse of
[parallel/subjective/fictive/decentralized] histories of
[software-as-art/art-as-software] in various current + early moments of
code-based arts + theorypraxis.

//thank you
//criticalartware says hello

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