[-empyre-] Re: Welcome

hello all
thanks christina for the warm welcome!
criticalartware is very excited about this month on empyre + connecting our
discursive ([soft_skinned/permeable/overlapping]) spaces.

>Talking with them all, I could not help but smile, delighted by their high
>spirits and dry wit.  They were a group who seemed to be onto something that
>was way too much fun to be purely academic.

yes, that is a sincere hope of ours, that we can slip [in/out/over] the
topologies of enthusiastic engagements. criticalartware, as an
[application/platform], seeks to function as mini intertwined categories, i.e.
historical research, artware development, groupware + as an open exchange of
shared resources (to name just a few we are often thinking about).

>Criticalartware made the novel (at least to this listener) argument
>that 'software' could be thought of as 'conceptual art practice' -- not that
>the two were equivalent, rather more generally, that there was some sort of
>feedback loop going on.

yes, this idea is very important to us + allows us to have conversations about
systems aesthetics, instruction sets, code based theorypraxis, fluidity, etc in
relation to [contemporary/subjective] histories of these arts. specifically we
are invested in the feedback loops generated by artware ++ Video Art ++ related
[Klein forms/Möbius strips].

>Art practice, as a software that has a memory, a tradition that reaches from
>the seventies until now, and loops in a feedback exchange like a cybernetic
>system, is the notion that inspired me to contact criticalartware about a
>discussion on empyre.

yes + we excitedly look fwd to these conversations + the dynamic memory
allocations of these [software-as-art/art-as-software] programs.

>-empyre- continues to value discussion about art practice in the larger
>field of digital and global culture, especially when it involves practices
>that have an innovative process as well as theoretical basis.

our approach involves a commitment to hybridities + creative uncertainties, esp
in regards to the construction of binaries between such activities as theory +

thank you to all of the empyre moderators + to the empyre community for
welcoming us. 
looking fwd...
 ---> criticalartware coreDeveloper

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