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I just thought I'd introduce myself and liken too. I'm bensyverson, one of the coreDevelopers of criticalartware, and the developer of liken. liken is a really cool system that we started talking about when criticalartware was first formed. We wanted discussions on our site to overlap, crossbreed and surprise people. About two years later, liken was ready to release.

There are so many ways to [talk/think] about liken that sometimes it's rather difficult to begin. It's an online forum, a special-interest encyclopedia, a [genetic/iterative] search engine, a repository of parallel subjective [his/her]stories, the broadest social networking site ever (since you can be friends with concepts, bits of information and "people"), and the world's best research database.

As ChristinaMcPhee() touched on, we are interested in connecting various existing discussions and mindsets to the current moment. At SFPCS, where we met Christina, there was one speaker who actually said, with absolute sincerity, "we have an amazing opportunity here to reinvent the wheel." criticalartware discussed it later, and our general conclusion was that we should *avoid* reinventing the wheel. We invoke cybernetics not to seem retro or ironic, but because we see that dialog as being amazingly relevant within the current context.

After all, if anything, liken is a giant responsive feedback loop. Looking at a global map of its nodes and connections, you can visually see the human/machine symbiosis:

I look forward to this month on empyre, and want to remind everyone that criticalartware plans to archive all posts this month to liken. If you register on liken with the [name/identity] you use on empyre, we'll be able to connect your empyre posts to your node on liken. That would be really cool, and would help keep the discussion going after our time on empyre has ended.

More about the history of liken can be found at the following address (liken registration required):

- ben

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