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hallo m-pyres

I'm a little bit baffled between what I would see as a conflict of concepts between "open source" and

"Participants retain all copyrights to materials, resources and posts sent to and/or through criticalartware. Once these materials, resources and/or posts have been transmitted, criticalartware holds non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, royalty-free right rights to archive, modify, edit, deploy, create derivative works from and repackage these materials, resources and/or posts in any current or future technologies.criticalartware as a platform is committed to the pursuit of active community development, subjective hiistoricization, software oriented arts theorypractices and the open development of shared archival materials."

In the User Agreement.

Or is there some inherent meaning in the phrase "open source" related to the fact that the sourcing is open, but the destination or intermediate/final-use can somehow be locked in?

And also, isn't a UA just simply an application of one of the tired forms of top-down relation (setting up a power-relation dialectic between criticalware and user)? (invoking jurisprudence, enforceability, termination, assymetric 'rights,' and 'bound by the terms.'

Just pondering the meaning of it all...  reminds me of the rhizome debacle...

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