[-empyre-] agreements

the UA which is being discussed is located @ this addy:

the UA needs revising. i personally think the first should revision should be a find-and-replace of the word 'user' w/'participant'. the spelling error in the quote jh choose is also a first order fix.

criticalartware does not represent itself as a [group/project] as 'open source'. we are committed to offering shared resources to a growing community of participants. as artists + as a project, criticalartware is interested in open source as a concept, esp in relation to the (X) of Radical Software, copy-it-right ethic of Phil Morton + Dan Sandin + other pre-'open source' strategies for the development of decentralized, open + community based resources.

liken, as an application, is not open source:

"open sourcing liken"
node = savegame 377!379

i am not going to attempt a performance of an authoritative voice on matters of 'open source' as i am not [versed/experienced] enough in the particularities of 'open source' or 'free software' as [movements/moments].

in terms of criticalartware's agreement, we first considered offering promises rather than agreements. we then determined that we should offer an agreement + conditions of use. i began researching the models [active/available] @ the time. we (the developers [involved/in conversation] @ that point of the process: blithe riley, christian ryan, jonsatrom, bensyverson + myself) discussed what should be covered. our intention was to be as inclusive + respectful as possible to a community that had yet to form. on 02.10.23 we finalized + upLoaded the agreement + conditions of use document. on 03.01.13 we released the beta version of the [appplication/platform].

jh wrote:
isn't a UA just simply an application of one of the tired forms of top-down relation

i personally dislike engagements with 'purity' + find that hybridity, slippage, fluidity more [functional/useful/exciting] propositions in terms of binaries such as 'open vs closed'. i am however very concerned w/hypocrisy + coherency.

jh wrote:
setting up a power-relation dialectic between criticalware and user

it has been + continues to be our intention to be an application w/[functions/features] + a community based platform for the [discussion/development] of [sets/systems] of shared resources. these [mixed/simultaneous] goals are [defined/realized] by the activities of the participants, contributingDevelopers + coreDevelopers. the agreement that is currently active, if taken as a whole, offers anyOne (including the coreDevelopers) to create + use the resources we are offering so as to help realize those goals above. to the extent, that the agreement + conditions of use doesnot enable those activities it should + will be revised.
---> criticalartware coreDeveloper

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