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as i posted to empyre awhile back (Subject: RE: [-empyre-] meanings of meanings of exchange Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2003 16:58:29 -0600) criticalartware is deeply [informed/influenced/inspired] by Radical Software, the first journal of Video Art which functioned similarly (if not always digitally) as an [application/ platform] for [software-as-art/art-as-software] theorypraxis.

in relation to copy[right/left] + openness, the following statement printed on the Contents page of every issue:

"Xerox (year/date of publication) All contents of this issue may be freely copied for non-commercial use. They may not be copyright or reproduced for profit without the specific permission of the authors."

w/this symbol (X) rather than (C).

the first issue of the first volume explained the (X) mark + the intentions of Radical Software (in part) as;

"In future issues we plan to continue incorporating reader feedback to make this a process rather than a product publication. We especially hope to turn the interest and efforts of the second and third television generations on college campuses, whose enormous energies are often wasted by the traditional university way of structuring knowledge, towards the creation of their own alternate information centers. (We are of the first television generation ourselves.)
To encourage dissemination of the information in Radical Software we have created our own symbol of an x within a circle (X). This is a Xerox mark, the antithesis of copyright, which means DO copy. (The only copyrighted contents in this issue are excerpted from published or soon-to-be published books and articles which are already copyrighted.)
The individuals and groups listed here are committed to the process of expanding television. It is our hope that what is printed here will help create exchanges and interconnections necessary to expedite this process."

the issues are now wonderfully online as pdfs @ this uri:

 ---> criticalartware coreDeveloper

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