Re: [-empyre-] agreements

Hello empyre,

I have been lurking on the list for a bit now and think this is a wonderful platform for discourse. As a coreDeveloper of criticalartware I have opened + plan on monitoring the discourse port in my critical brainware.

jonCates wrote:
the UA needs revising. i personally think the first should revision should be a find-and-replace of the word 'user' w/'participant'. the spelling error in the quote jh choose is also a first order fix.
Thank you jC for highlighting this. I was formulating a re:sponse this AM which had the same amendment. I also think that we should note that in a lot of places the term criticalartware includes the coreDevelopers and all contributingDevelopers encompassing the entire criticalartware community (all users).

jC wrote:
criticalartware does not represent itself as a [group/project] as 'open source'. we are committed to offering shared resources to a growing community of participants. as artists + as a project, criticalartware is interested in open source as a concept
The "open source-ness" of criticalartware is w/in the [community+info offered]. The [history+present] we are collecting is "open source" // meaning that anyone can become a node and contribute their own knowledge.base ++ experiences.

jh wrote:
isn't a UA just simply an application of one of the tired forms of top-down relation
Yes! One thing that we are exploring is the [blur/slippage/exploitation] of tired structural systems when artists [break/remix] them.

I am excited for the opportunity to host this forum.
Thank you Christina,
Thank you in advance Empyre,


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