Re: [-empyre-] living traces of past practices

Barbara Lattanzi wrote:
>Hello all.

hello Barbara + all

Barbara Lattanzi wrote:
>I was wondering if the criticalartware team could address the idea of experimental archives.

we have a somewhat complicated relationship to archiving, but i certainly think of criticalartware @ least partially as an experimental archive.

Barbara Lattanzi wrote:
>While visiting the fluid landscape of Liken, some associations came to mind that suggested the >fantastical rather than the encyclopedic (or the encyclopedic as fantastical).

yes, absolutely. the 'encyclopedic as fantastical' is a wonderful characterization of liken.

Barbara Lattanzi wrote:
>For example, Gulliver's giant body and the Lilliputan architecture necessary to contain him

that is a wonderful metaphor + one that i hope can be developed into an alternative interface for liken.

btw, this nfo on creating interfaces for liken comes from our most recent release:

"by using a publicly-accessible XML file to describe these [pathways/relationships] of liken, criticalartware [invites/encourages] users to develop [alternate/critical/"new"] ways of [imagining/visualizing/navigating] liken's [pathways/relationships]. liken could easily be traversed as a 3D video game, a mindmap, a soundEngine, or a Flash animation. in this way, liken is the beta version of a criticalartware operating system, for which anyone can develop compatible [applications/plug-ins/skins/filters]."

From: criticalartware said hello <>
Subject: criticalartware_Version.3.1415926535
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2004 22:05:05 -0500

the uri of that file is:

Barbara Lattanzi wrote:
>Could the Liken project be read in terms of its fabulous (fable-like) aspiration?

most certainly. we are also very [informed/inspired] by Ted Nelson's Xanadu project:

+ invocations of interconnected fables of [mysterious/hidden/enchanted ] [worlds/spaces].
---> criticalartware coreDeveloper

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