Re: [-empyre-] cybernetic liki

John Hopkins:
And also, isn't a UA just simply an application of one of the tired forms of top-down relation (setting up a power-relation dialectic between criticalware and user)?
Yes! One thing that we are exploring is the [blur/slippage/exploitation] of tired structural systems when artists [break/remix] them.
Sorry, but no. A user agreement is a necessity in our litigious world of intellectual property squabbles.

The formal presentation of the UA is first not to *actively* hurt [ourselves/community] but it is also part of the ritual that one goes through when one begins using any platform and therefore sheds light on the system we have chosen to [present on/create].
I am not downPlaying the importance of the UA but trying to approach this initial user experience with a space for discussion of the über systems [theoretical/political] that [we/liken] are highlighting the interconnectedness of [past/present] ways of working [within/against] them.


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