[-empyre-] nu-retro

On May 1, 2004, at 8:39 PM, jonCates wrote:
+ then i mentioned that we were not interested in the past as "retrofun"
On May 1, 2004, at 11:01 PM, bensyverson wrote:
+ then we had a gr8 convo with josh kit clayton about retro. His idea (and I think we agreed) was that our occasional use of oldSkool/retrofied elements was more about playful exuberance, as opposed to being ironic or sarcastic. He used jS's awesome Flash presentation as an example, saying something along the lines of "sometimes, you just want to see an 8-bit bunny."

i agree with that sentiment : it is not to define any type of stylistic attempt at the "nu-retro" or anything like that. for me, using the oldskool graffix worx in tandem with our objective as criticalartware to bring light to the systems of creating.

the look of the graffix brings things out such as the limitations of the technology used at the time and the aspirations of the graffix creators. i find the idea of "wanting" the closest thing to a bunny to be displayed on the screen intriguing because in our current net.culture we normally don't consider it. we either take a picture of a bunny or google bunny for an image. the image of the 8-bit bunny has become over time more than a simple representation of an animal, it [points to/mouses over] the [techno/cultural] system in that timespace.

an interesting [blur/division] happens when ppl generate images that relate to the early dayz, however, they are done using nu-technology and therefore are not taken as [genuine/interesting/"real"/art]. i know jC+bS+i have talked about this in person, however, it would be interesting to get the feedback of other ppl...


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