Re: [-empyre-] seeking exteriority

i may have falsely assumed that jh was referring to the switch to payment based subscriptions rather than free access + the conversations that change created in terms of the [open/closed]ness of + the attendant [agreements/contracts/conditions] of those relationships.

yes, the general migration from something more open to something less open... or more distributed to more controlled... the details about and opinions on that process are disagreed upon and such, but the general process seemed to be IMHO driven by non-distributed motivations in the wrong direction...

but also the attendant move/evolution towards a hegemonic structure that now 'dictates' or arbitrates the 'history of net art' to many except perhaps the actual participants... the reification process that goes along with historicization. imagine a mailing list that doesn't archive itself, a twiki that is erased each month, with a sole web page left over saying "error 404 -- you had to be there."


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