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Sherry Miller Hocking wrote:
>hello to jon cates, blithe, barbara and others I have been fortunate enough to meet and work with over >the years.

hello Sherry

we are very lucky on empyre to be joined by Sherry Miller Hocking + others who have been involved in the fields we are discussing this month from the early moments to the present. [engaging/facilitating] the conversations possible between people who participate in these fluid + ever shifting [topologies/moments/movements] is a core goal of criticalartware. the chance to connect this approach to empyre is part of what excites us about this month's discussion + we look fwd to the development of these [interwoven/interstitial] discourses.

Sherry Miller Hocking wrote:
>Available on the Experimental TV Center's site is an excerpt from the Distribution Religion statement >of Dan Sandin.

as you all probably know, Sherry Miller Hocking is the Assistant Director of the Experimental Television Center, Project Director of the Video History Project, educator, curator + organizer of media arts events for over 30 years. the Video History Project is connected through the uri above or also:

+ is an amazing + participatory archive concieved of, created + maintained by Sherry Miller Hocking, Mona Jimenez + Dave Jones. criticalartware had the opportunity to discuss the Video History Project w/Sherry when we [interviewed/conversed w/] her @ ETC. Sherry's interview is available on criticalartware as text, audio or video streams.

criticalartware also had the opportunity to [meet/talk w/] Mona Jimenez when she was in Chicago to interview Dan Sandin. Mona Jimenez's current [research/residency] "Artist Instrumentation Database" @ the Daniel Langlois Foundation involves "the cataloguing of instruments, electronic and digital machines, and other prototypes developed by or for artists" + the development of a database of this research. this work is focused on instrumentation by the Vasulkas, the Rutt/Etra Scan Processor + the Sandin Image Processor.

more nfo:

these two incredible [initiatives/projects], the Video History Project + the Artist Instrumentation Database, are both also experimental archives + mappings of the [present/past] which are extremely relevant to the discourses we are developing this month here on empyre + [in/on/through] criticalartware's ongoing efforts.
---> criticalartware coreDeveloper

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