[-empyre-] Vasulka Archive

another [indepth/engaging/important] [subjective historical project/experimental archive/mapping of the recent {present|past}] is the Vasulka Archive of Steina + Woody Vasulka:

"The Vasulka Archive currently consists of over 27,000 pages of documents relevant to the history of video and electronic art."


"In the future, while continuing to expand the document collection, we will add many hours of audio interviews in MP3 format, make available the source code for early digital imaging experiments, and begin the immense task of including video materials selected from the 1,000 hours in the extended Vasulka Archive."


"This electronic archive is intended as a noncommercial scholarly resource and preservation strategy. All copyrights reside with the original authors and/or publishers of these materials. Be advised that none of these documents are available for distribution without the permission of their authors. "


part of what is wonderful about this archive + the Video History Project is the range of material which is available. from full publications which are out of print, such as Expanded Cinema by Gene Youngblood:

to notes + personal correspondences, the Vasulka Archive contains a wide range of documents which might otherwise be impossible to find.
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