[-empyre-] archiving + preservation

blithe riley (criticalartware coreDeveloper) has [strong/important] [positions/ideas] [on/about] archiving + preservation in relation to criticalartware. hopefully, when she has availability, blithe will be able to comment directly on criticalartware's approach to preservation + archiving.

generally speaking, criticalartware agreed early on to avoid a repository function. others exist such as





freshmeat's ArtisticSoftware section

among others (mini of which are listed as open ports + dynamic link libraries on the 1rst screen of http://www.criticalartware.net). we were interested not in reproducing those [logics/efforts] but rather in building an [application/platform] that was framed historically, focused on generating discourse + dedicated to [ideas/approaches] such as [software-as-art/art-as-software].

the interviews + conversations we have w/people who are involved in formative + early moments of Video Art, artware + code based theorypraxis are archived in a variety of formats (text, audio + video). related materials (such as the Distribution Religion by Dan Sandin, Phil Morton + the community of Image Processor developers) are also hosted [in/on] criticalartware. hosting these materials connects us to other preservationist strategies + functions such as

The Video History Project by Sherry Miller Hocking, Mona Jimenez + Dave Jones


The Early Video Project by Davidson Gigliotti


AudioVisualizers' ToolShack

to name a few (which again are also listed as open ports + dynamic link libraries on the 1rst screen of http://www.criticalartware.net)

now, w/the introduction of liken, we have opened the possibility of textual archiving, hyperlinking + pathbuilding to anyOne who chooses to participate + widened the parameters of what may be [included/preserved/archived].

as bensyverson wrote about open.src'ing the code, we continually (re)evaluate these possibilities + in the case of preserving + archiving discuss potential [shifts/patterns].
---> criticalartware coreDeveloper

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