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On May 4, 2004, at 12:44 PM, jonCates wrote:

now, w/the introduction of liken, we have opened the possibility of textual archiving, hyperlinking + pathbuilding to anyOne who chooses to participate + widened the parameters of what may be [included/preserved/archived].

To [patch/plug-into] this tip, one unique aspect of liken is that anything posted is autolinked, both retroactively and forevermore. So when we post a historical document, it is not merely [archived/preserved/linked-to]; it becomes a dynamic portal, an ever-changing linguistic map.

So what the hell does that really mean? Links in liken nodes appear based on other nodes' names. The author or poster of the information need not manually link up words in the document to other resources in liken.

For example, we have a node in liken called "Dan Sandin" which gives a brief bio and links to more information (such as Sandin's Image Processor). Now imagine I have an article from the late 70s I want to post to liken. It contains the line:
"Other projects, like Dan Sandin's Image Processor, introduced the patch-based interface to the world of video."
Viewed in liken, the phrase "Dan Sandin" becomes a two-way path to Dan's node. The more that path is used, the stronger it becomes. We also get some paths we may not have thought to put in, such as "interface." Now imagine that a few months go by, and someone adds a node for "patch based interface" and "patch." Now if we go back to our article, we see that "patch-based interface" has turned into a popup menu, which shows us links to ["patch based interface" / "interface" / "patch"].

Unlike resources like the Wikipedia, which require constant maintenance, liken resources update themselves, and to the fullest. Our article readily connects not only to other information, but to [discussions/conversations] as well. If we want to start a discussion about Dan Sandin, we can simply post a comment to his node. And of course, our comments will be [hyperthreaded/hyperlinked] automagically forever.

This capability is why I call liken the "best research database ever." All you have to do is keep posting information, and it will glob together, crosslink, breed and organize itself, with the help of a distributed network of human computers.

- ben

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