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No problem with CAW (criticalartware) being focused on the knowledge base rather than the repository - the web is the repository.

There are a few threads going on here at the same time which is suitable for a CAW aesthetic. I also a find a lifetime resistance to artificial categorization schemes and non-complex ontologies. I have a project regarding a digital art ontology ( ), though not much progress because we are looking for ways to avoid artificial schemas - like Standard Upper and Middle Ontologies and top-down or bottom-up design methods. CAW approaches an immersive standpoint from which to design ontologies (inside-out design, or maybe quasi-conscious design) - I have tried a MUTE (multi-user text environment) as an ontology design tool. You guys are using the wiki interface (liki) . Would you have plans to use more 'push' techniques - realtime - in the development of CAW. Push, meaning that you don't have to reload a page - rather, incorporating a terminal interface (or shared document format) somewhere in the 'critical OS.' It's not that I'm lazy (click button) - it enhances the 'presence' [immersive/involved] factor of the community.

I downloaded your xml page of nodes, stripped it down, and imported it into the Protege software. I thank you for this resource and I hope to utilize that. As you said, the xml file can by used to create immersive or 3d interfaces and operating systems. I hope to work on the Mute first. Also, thanks for your visualizations of the node space - instead of id numbers for your node map, might you put in the node names (or both, use short names if needed) .

Thanks CAW,

Dr. Kenneth Fields
Professor Media Arts/Computer Music
Conference Co-director: Consciousness Reframed: Qi and Complexity 2004, Beijing

CEMC - China Center for Electronic Music
Central Conservatory of Music
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On May 5, 2004, at 1:44 AM, jonCates wrote:

blithe riley (criticalartware coreDeveloper) has [strong/important] [positions/ideas] [on/about] archiving + preservation in relation to criticalartware. hopefully, when she has availability, blithe will be able to comment directly on criticalartware's approach to preservation + archiving.

generally speaking, criticalartware agreed early on to avoid a repository function. others exist such as


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