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On May 4, 2004, at 11:22 PM, Kenneth Fields wrote:

I have tried a MUTE (multi-user text environment) as an ontology design tool.

I think we discussed MUDs and MOOs when we were first imagining the online presence of criticalartware, but really, the idea of a scalable architecture that could be viewed on a cell phone or in real-time 3D was too attractive.

Would you have plans to use more 'push' techniques - realtime - in the development of CAW.

Definitely, probably as an outrigger to the current system. That is, there might be a realtime plug-in. That would allow people to create 3D games that depict other users' movements, etc. I'm also looking at RSS. It would be great to add the subscription model as well as the push model, so that you could browse liken on the web, on your cellphone, as a Playstation game, or as a blog subscription.

That all sounds ridiculously ambitious, but the reality is that most of the work to support those forms is done (and you can already browse on a cellphone). The architecture was the hard part. You mention the Criticalartware OS, and that's something we're looking at for the near future. I'd like the whole site to run in its own windows (within the browser), and behave like a "real" OS, with applications, menus and widgets.

I downloaded your xml page of nodes, stripped it down, and imported it into the Protege software. I thank you for this resource and I hope to utilize that. As you said, the xml file can by used to create immersive or 3d interfaces and operating systems. I hope to work on the Mute first. Also, thanks for your visualizations of the node space - instead of id numbers for your node map, might you put in the node names (or both, use short names if needed) .

Awesome! I really look forward to seeing what comes out of your experiments. Although no one has designed a 3rd party interface yet, I think there are a multitude of interesting possibilities there. And as we mention within liken, we [welcome/support] critical imaginations of criticalartware/liken as well...

The nodemap is not likely to change, simply because it's part of a timelapse now, and I don't want to mess with the code while it's clicking off frames. I think my concern with putting names (or shortened names) was that it would become even messier and harder to read. However, maybe we could do something with putting the name in the browser's "status" bar, so you could get a sense of what was what.

- ben

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