RE: Re: [-empyre-] archiving + preservation

Kenneth Fields wrote:
>No problem with CAW (criticalartware) being focused on the knowledge base
rather than the repository >- the web is the repository.

yes, exactly

Kenneth Fields wrote:
>There are a few threads going on here at the same time which is suitable for a
CAW aesthetic. 


hopefully, we havent loosened too mini threads @ once + our enthusiasm will be
understood as an expression of our interest in connecting w/the empyre community.

Kenneth Fields wrote:
>I also a find a lifetime resistance to artificial categorization schemes and
non-complex ontologies.

i love the way you phrased that statement. i will post another [thread/entry
point] soon about categorizations ++ criticalartware...

Kenneth Fields wrote:
>I have a project regarding a digital art ontology ( )

this is a wonderful project, as is Consciousness Reframed. i am particularly
interested in DAO's approach to collaboration, the development of the dynamic
media arts knowledge base + the issues of translation that DAO is

bensyverson wrote:
>Awesome! I really look forward to seeing what comes out of your experiments.

i second that emotion! looking fwd...

 ---> criticalartware coreDeveloper

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