Re: [-empyre-] Hybrid worlds and notion of the hand

when criticalartware went to the Experimental Television Center, we had an
amazing time [learning/playing] their system,  [interviewing/conversing w/]
Sherry Miller Hocking + Hank Rudolph + discussing the mini interrelated topics
that developed out of those conversations. 

as Christina McPhee quoted, Sherry Miller Hocking said:
>"I think that those notion of hand made is also something that comes across in
an analog tool,
>that when people adjust a knob, no matter how hard you try to be even in terms
of turning it, 
>you don't succeed, and part of the interest to me in terms of all of these
images is that you
>can see that; you can see the hand of the artist making the work. 

these points lead to a conversation about randomness, approaching randomness,
the ability of a pre-configured system to behave in unexpected ways + the glitch
as an [aesthetic/approach].

Sherry Miller Hocking said:
>A system that allows you to kind of play in both of those worlds is, to me,
more interesting 
>then one that restricts you either to either one or the other. I mean, I think
that that's part of
>the concept of art of a system, that we put together. As open-ended as we could
>make it. 

the openness of the system @ ETC + ETC's ability to sustain itself are truly
inspiring. multiple technologies, mini of which [were/are] developed by David
Jones + a Sandin Image Processor, a Paik-Abe Raster Manipulation Unit (aka the
Wobbulator) + various other (artist-built) [toolsets/systems], are equally
maintained + matrixed so as to exist as [parallel/possible] options. in this way
ETC actualizes their commitment to sustaining the 30+ year history of these
[efforts/developments] by literally making available these resources. not only
are these (otherwise rare) resources offered + connected to 01 another, ETC is
focused on familiarizing [people/artists] w/these resources in a ceaselessly
open + supportive manner.

Sherry Miller Hocking said:
>you might get side-tracked in and never get to point B, but that is the whole
concept of the 
>design of this system.

btw, jonsatrom + myself were the only 2 coreDevelopers who were able to goto ETC
for that [residency/visit] + we stayed in the Center (as [have/do] countless
other [artists/residents/guests]). 

partially b/c the the system is matrixed + the matrices that can be connected
can become such [rich/deep] feedback loops, the system does lead to mini
branching side [tracks/paths]. we spent sleepless hours in the days following
our initial [interview/conversation] w/Sherry following these paths, routing
ETC's + our own [devices/applications] through each other. Hank would stop by to
check in + offer suggestions during the day, anchoring these evenings w/advice
on how re[route/connect] various [programs/hardware].

@ sum pt in our stay the ETC wall clock stopped functioning + began to run
backwards [+/or] pause for long periods. it had been the main way in which we
were keeping time + became another beautiful expression of the way in which ETC
exists embedded + alive [in/out/beside] [multiple/overlapping/timelapsing]
 ---> criticalartware coreDeveloper

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