Re: [-empyre-] archiving + preservation

this is a wonderful project, as is Consciousness Reframed. i am particularly
interested in DAO's approach to collaboration, the development of the dynamic
media arts knowledge base + the issues of translation that DAO is

As CAW is probably aware, dynamic knowledge bases must have a sustainable community. To approach it directly, as I've done, is ok when you're around the computer science dept, but it is exactly what you shouldn't do when in the public domain. Interface and fantasy matter. Illusion is important for ontology making. that is why, immersion, involvement and sustainability were my early conclusions. And Mutes are more immersive than wikis. If you read the dao archives, you will see CAW announced as soon as I learned of it early in the year. I was very interested in what you were doing; though I didn't know how to extract the structure you were deriving.

-- I only learned this week that your xml file is available. Before, I was using a program called voodoo pad (Mac), which is a very lite wiki notepad which exports xml. I could cut and paste and markup the text easily, by clicking all the nice vocabulary. Instant nodles (sic).

The translation aspect (into chinese - I'm in Beijing) is more interesting still. Wiki words, or ontology classes can get pretty bizarre, LiquidTangibleThing, InanimateThing-Natural, BiologicalLivingObject . As chinese is character/pictorial based, it may turn out to be a less cumbersome language for ontologizing. The point however, is that concepts should theoretically be stable while the language/symbols that specify them do vary. Though there may be BiologicalLivingObjects existingExclusivelyInChina - that doesn't change the scope of BLO's. While 'things' get tangled in a progressively constrained network, the periphery is more likely to change and vary. I'm not too sure that your 2d matrix will show this. It might have to be 3d; it needs to be able to stretch out and dance in order to shake itself into positions of greatest potential for mutation when critical thresholds are reached.

How about practical uses of a digital arts ontology? Besides being fascinated by emergent images of concept structures, I was thinking that curriculum could be complexified. Curriculum could be a matter of navigating an ontology in a certain domain, while teachers become navigation guides. Education was modeled on the first car factories; education, at least starting in the digital arts, could afford individualized paths. More modular (one week in the WavePhenomenon Node) that is shared by visual and aural artists as well as physicists.


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