Re: [-empyre-] archiving + preservation

hi everybody

I was following the discussion with great interest, here are some thought on post by
Ben Syverson and Kenneth Fields

> Ooh, that's spicy. In some ways, English as a language is less-suited for [wikis/likis]. The amazing thing about supporting [Chinese/Kanji] is that not only would you get a pop-up for complex terms like "Dan Sandin's Image Processor," but also simple terms like "computer." I don't know about the Chinese construction, but in Japanese Kanji, "electricity" is a construction of two Kanji -- lightning + dragon. "Computer" is lighting + dragon + machine. So "computer" could be a popup with at least four items (one for each component [character/concept], and one for the overall concept).

I find this a bit suspicious:
- dragon (at least in my culture) has noting to do with computers (so you can link anything to 'computer')
- 'foxglove' can be popuped to 'fox' and 'glove' (but does it make sense?)
- 'rob' can be linked to 'rob' (first 'rob' in English, second in Slovene (meaning 'border') ...
- dragon: 'drag' 'on' ...
- 'd' 'r' 'a' 'g' ...

+ if I understood correctly links are made more visible by being more visited.
I understood Vanevar B. and some other people that they wish something similar to
the way we think - and we think in emotions also (so some terms in way of
links might be more visible relating to our emotional state and not only conceptual,
so one day strongest link from rock might be music and the other day geology)?

+ any way I find the project extremely interesting


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