Re: [-empyre-] archiving + preservation] forward from Ken Fields

on 8.5.04 05:01 PM, ben syverson at wrote:

>> anyway, your images are great. keep it up. If you want to hear it, go
>> to:
>> .

Dear Kenneth, can you please tell me what plugin I need to view/hear your
work at the above URL?

>> You can see, the sound goes from older nodes to newest - green is left
>> speaker, red (not much of it) goes to right speaker. I changed the
>> black
>> lines (which don't mean anything to the sonogram) to yellow, which
>> means
>> center.
>> This in itself doesn't have any significance for me. It just
>> highlights the
>> fact that the mapping of concepts to image (or 3d space) and to sound
>> needs
>> some critical attention.

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