Re: [-empyre-] n-dimensional cobwebs of meaning

On May 11, 2004, at 12:52 AM, John Hopkins wrote:

There seems to be a slight (or more profound) oscillation in the text above that is equating the representation to the thing itself -- I think there is a fundamental separation, and that this should not be lost in the discussion of this liken-language-structure -- it is another representative system. (the representation of a boxing ring and a representation of the Coliseum)...

Exactly, I was addressing Ken's question about "is conceptual 'space' more than a metaphor?" That is, can it map in any way to a real or representational space? Surely liken nodes are not the things themselves and merely conceptual placeholders, but does that knowledge simplify the problem at all?

This all stems from an attempt to find an easy-to-understand graphical interface for liken, in which the relationships between nodes could be visually interpreted. Since a cluster couldn't work, what would? I could see a sort of 3D tree of choices, with each choice branching off into its choices, but I think that's just a pretty version of a textual, hierarchical list.

Our hope is that someone will be [challenged/inspired] by these dilemmas and create their own interface as a way to explore them. But really, I don't want to mischaracterize criticalartware as being interested primarily in the cognitive science of user interface. We are extremely interested in [mapping/navigating] the concepts of the site, but we're far more interested in the actual [concepts/connections] themselves. I fear we're talking a great deal about liken itself, so maybe now that I've clarified the background and nature of liken, we can delve into some other aspects of criticalartware.

- ben

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