RE Re: [-empyre-] nodes of transgression?

Barbara Lattanzi wrote:
>>this statement makes me wonder how can transgression possibly figure into 
>>liken?  Is it accurate to say, instead, that liken aspires to be scalable 
>>enough to swallow in one gulp any critique necessary for "disruption"?


bensyverson wrote:
>think of liken as scalable enough to allow for almost any level of criticism.

liken is a widely distributed digilog applat, a [form/content/context] of
critique + malleable perceptual lens focused of the [desires/hopes] of the
community involved in its development + growth. [liken/criticalartware] is
intended to be scalable + radically open to [participation/interpretation] while
being thematically focused on the interstices + early moments we [discuss/develop].

bensyverson wrote:
>The ability to handle critique was actually a core goal of the system.

ben, i would say that 'handle' could be problematic in this statement as it may
suggest that we were interested in controlling potential disruptions. we often
say criticalartware is 'discourse.enabled', as we foreground our discursive

bensyverson wrote:
>In addition, we decided early on to avoid any kind of peer-based "moderation," 
>which in my view always creates a certain idea of what's "acceptable," and
>quickly extinguishes most dissenting views or creative critiques. So as a 
>result, you're free to post your critique, "disruptive" or not, anywhere on 

we intend the approach we have taken w/criticalartware to hybridize existing
modes + offer a networked community, web-based interface to social software, 
permeable database of shared resources, [hystorical/personalized/situated]
documentation of subjective [experiences/remembrances/recollections],
[interview-oriented/critical] e-journal, [plastic/collaborative]
[structure/toolset/system] + an experimental [historical/aesthetic/conceptual]
[project/process] to mapOut a few of the modes which are @ play [in/on]
criticalartware. we recognize that these are ambitious + unusual goals, but we
believe in + are excited by the possibilities. we model this hybrid
[form/structure/approach] throughout criticalartware, in our
[codebase/aesthetics/rhetoric] so as to self-reflexively interlace these
recursions, threads + brambles.
---> criticalartware coreDeveloper

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