[-empyre-] precedents, hystories + existing discourse

bensyverson wrote:
>I think in the current context, it's rather radical to tell [new media/artware] 
>artists that what they're doing has precedent, history and existing discussion. 
>A lot of artists are under the delusion that what they're doing is so 
>groundbreaking and fundamentally different that we have to come up with new 
>language to even talk about it, which gets us fighting mad.

this is absolutely a collective sentiment of criticalartware as well as a
strongly held [conviction/interest] of ours individually. one of our major
[motivations/intentions] is to mobilize discussions of "newness" which
problematize positivist ideas of unlimited technological progress often located
within existing discourses on code-based arts.

in the recent [x-/re]post i sent to empyre of the eu-gene posting by Saul
Albert, he replied to Philip Galanter's comment that "there are few precedents
and doing so may even feel counterintuitive." the eu-gene discussion was (b/c of
the context of the listserv)  specific to generative-art, but tracing
connections to [code-as-art/art-as-code] + larger thematics such as the
[foundations/formulations] of contemporary art theorypraxis. in that web of
meaning, the assertion that "few precedents" are available is both [true/false]
to varying degrees. i cant comment on what Philip Galanter meant by those
precedents feeling  feel counterintuitive but i have informed him that we are
having this conversation + hopefully he will join us. 

criticalartware considers media arts [her/hi]stories to be deeply
[relevant/informative] to artware, distinctly interteined art-hystorically +
substantially nutritive to existing code-based activies. we specifically
organized around the feeling that these paths were less recognized in the
art-hystorical [establishment/institutionalization] of the discourses of 'new
media'. this feeling compels us to intervene by bringing the participants +
early moments of [software-as-art/art-as-software] into conversation to generate
[dynamic/resonant] dialogs.
---> criticalartware coreDeveloper

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