Re: [-empyre-] [true/false] states

On May 13, 2004, at 12:03 PM, jonCates wrote:

i agree w/ben that [community based/decentralized] models [encourage/enable] ongoing [alterations/revisions] to false [+/or] misleading nfo, however, this dynamic can also be easily reversed increasing the [confusion/uncertainty/deceptiveness] of the nfo.

Yes, although on the whole, this doesn't happen. When it does, it is carried out by individuals, and their disruptions are [amended/altered] by the [community/collective].

we should resist the impulse to make greater truth claims due to our decentralized + community-oriented [approach/structure]. doing so risks our enthusiasm being mistaken for technosocial positivism.

Yes, I should make it clear that when I say "truth" I mean it in the Sherry Miller Hocking sense, not the [absolute/objective] sense. I don't think I was arguing that liken allows for "greater truth;" simply that, as I mentioned in my final sentence, the climate for [mis/dis]information is rather inhospitable on liken, whereas the climate for [multiple/hyperthreaded] [hysteries/narratives] is extremely hospitable.

I should also take this opportunity to make it clear that seeing a liken model adopted for the nightly news is not one of our goals, and criticalartware as a group has no visions of a liken utopia. Also, personally I believe categorically that no piece of software in the history of computers has been "revolutionary." Maybe the rest of criticalartware would agree. Every individual piece of software in [hi/her]story has been iteratively built based on existing technologies and software, and is eminently "evolutionary."

So that may help inform the perception of my feelings on liken, a system which I think is an interesting and (to me) obvious [extension/conflation] of wikis, search engines and web forums. All of the coreDevelopers of criticalartware are excited about liken. However, we cannot stress enough that this excitement springs from the desire to see a resource of narratives and [hi/her]stories grow and intertwine, not from, as jonCates put it, technosocial positivism.

- ben

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