[-empyre-] [true/false] states * coexistenz

we should resist the impulse to make greater truth claims due to our decentralized + community-oriented [approach/structure]. doing so risks our enthusiasm being mistaken for technosocial positivism.

is it not? Avert your eyes children, technosocial positivism takes many forms. It sometimes seems to me that both yourself and criticalartware assume positions that you at other times critique, to utilize them for their benefit - in this case, enthusiasm engenders positive discussion and focus. I don't see this as being any simple hypocrisy, but rather a tools-based or system-based approach to language and stance - a willingness to take on problematic attitudes for their usefulness and then acknowledge your awareness of those problems. It also fits with your advocacy of multiple truths and such.

in Sherry's comments she equates truth + accuracy w/an availability of [multiple/parallel] hystories rather than the establishment of unshakable absolutes or pedantic documents. this model of truth + accuracy in hystorical projects resonates w/me personally + criticalartware collectively b/c it embraces variance, oscillation, inconsistency, disruption, openness + multiplicities as positive factors in a hystorical process.

yes, that.

[liken] as a technosocial computer lets in the opinion of whoever joins- thus, technosocial positivists and others who hold opinions you at some times problematize are bound to be a part of it, and others are bound to tease out the issues in such reasoning. This, I would guess, is something you like about it.

i quite enjoy the spelling of 'hystorical' in that last paragraph - history as (inescapably) a kind of hysteria. Do you feel that way?

joey lindsey

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