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hello JWL

joey lindsey wrote:
>i quite enjoy the spelling of 'hystorical' in that last paragraph - history as 
>(inescapably) a kind of hysteria.  Do you feel that way?

my spelling of 'hystorical" is meant as a [reference/link] specifically to
Lesbian Origins by Susan Cavin + more generally to a feminist critique of
gendered terms such "human" (+) "history".

in relation to the [concept/construct] of hysteria the term "hystory" is also a
[reference/link] to Hysterical Epidemics and Modern Media by Elaine Showalter
which perhaps is a [reference/link] to the conversational thread about
[mass/personal dynamic] media [centralization/decentralization], socialPolitical
states + truth claims.
 ---> criticalartware coreDeveloper

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