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in Sherry's comments she equates truth + accuracy w/an availability of
[multiple/parallel] hystories rather than the establishment of unshakable
absolutes or pedantic documents. this model of truth + accuracy in
hystorical projects resonates w/me personally + criticalartware collectively
b/c it embraces variance, oscillation, inconsistency, disruption, openness +
multiplicities as positive factors in a hystorical process.
The canons of electronic cinema/media history are few. They are by
definition limited - in perspective and in information. And because original
and primary source materials are almost impossible to access,  these few
texts are adopted by academia and the art worlds as "truth". I believe that
they are instead A truth, filtered by authors, authorities. One of the goals
of the Video History Project is to enable people to post personal
recollections, most of which do not exist in the historical record. Multiple
authors, authorities. Another is to post electronic copies of documents and
ephemera generated during the period of early media evolution which have
received almost no distribution; in the continued accretion we develop a
critical mass. With continued additions the content is enriched.

People establish their individual pathways through the information by
searching. As the information mass grows, the paths become more complex and
numerous, leading to new and undiscovered connections.

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