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On May 20, 2004, at 4:37 PM, jon.satrom wrote:

Alan Sondheim wrote:
What are 'gnu media' - beyond the pun, the phrase has specific meanings in
terms of copyleft, Stahlman, etc. etc.

what i enjoy about the [mashup/mixtape] word "gnu media" is the overlapping of open src ideas. copy left ++ the "copy it right" mentality of the early tool builders.

Alan Sondheim wrote:
Stahlman has written eloquently on the development and use of the term.
Other than that, I'm not sure how you're using it.

are you referring to the use of the term "gnu media" or just "gnu" ?
if gnu media () i invite you to post the txt+link w/in liken
i am interested in stahlman's writings ++ it will create a path to this discussion.

i am using the term to bring light to the practice of sharing [knowledge/plans/methods] in the early dayz ++ raise the question(?) does current practice share the enthusiasm for an open discourse of "how to" and "why" /or/ is current practice limited by tool sets and conventions that are no longer [questioned/challenged/historicized]?

gnu system = image processor / copy it right / signal into inputs mixed to outputs
new system = meta media tool* / copyright / presets into codecs bounced to disks

*meta media tool = final cut pro/flash/reason

Alan Sondheim wrote:
Could you define what you mean by 'knew' or 'gnu' or for that matter 'new'

jonCates wrote:
we utilize the term knew media to reference the
categorical state of knewness + complicate an unfettered attachment to a false
sense of newness.

i threw gnu media in to the [lyrical/emmpyrical] [re/mixtape] to generate a path to the openness of of the early community.

in context i used "new media" to elude to current media art practice, i recall digging through the empyre crate while looking for a REWind subject: that during the month of july04 the empyre community discussed and defined 'new' media. i may be .bak with a re[post/sponce]

Alan Sondheim wrote:
It seems to me, like pomo, 'new media' can be taken to refer either to the
development of, literally, new media, or reference a particular historical
turn of potential/cultural evolution -
jonCates wrote:
personally, i would agree w/you about these uses + would add in this context that when i wrote "Subject: [-empyre-] REW: knew media" i intended to articulate a return to the threads of previous discussions as part of the process of criticalartware pressing REWind on empyre.

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