[-empyre-] Emergent media

Yes, of course it is important to be self-aware of one's milieu; I hope I have some awareness of that otherwise I'm in totally the wrong job. However, the naming of it is a different matter

I'm European too, by the way, English specifically so perhaps the term New Media is more common there than in Europe as a whole, although Neue Medien seems to be pretty common currency in Germany. Does it not? (Felix?) I still find I have to explain myself more here.

I'm a fan of the term Emergent Media myself. Based around a verb rather than an adjective creates a kind of automatic cut-off. Those media forms which have no emerged (text messaging, for example) are no longer emergent and have popular currency and usually their own name. Those media that are emerging (other next generation wireless devices, to follow the same example) are still emergent media; we still have little idea of what they will bring or how they will affect culture or the kinds of design and artistic activities that they might be used for.

Of course, unless everyone else uses the term it's pretty useless.



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