[-empyre-] knew REMediations?

Remediation by Richard Grusin + Jay David Bolter [has been/is] a source of
in[spiration/formation/fluence] for criticalartware, in terms of
[de/re]constructing the newness of new media + in relation to the art-hystorical
[lens/frame] we [utilize/focus].



Mumble by Lynda Benglis + Exchange by Robert Morris, both part of a video-based
correspondence between these 2 artists, REConnects to personal hystory as
cybernetic feedback loop + the [subjective/fictive] [constructions/remediations]
of those hystories.
both video [works/tapes] are available through the Video Data Bank.



jodi.org's SOD + Untitled Game [have been/are] also reference points for us in
regards to the ways in which self-reflexive remediations can be



what are sources of in[spiration/formation/fluence] for the empyre community in
terms of remediation(s)?

 ---> criticalartware coreDeveloper

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