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From: ruth catlow <ruth.catlow@furtherfield.org>
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Date: Mon, 24 May 2004 00:43:49 +0100
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Subject: Re: empyre Digest, Vol 16, Issue 20

I had the good fortune to attend a conference organised by Ian Forrester at
Ravensbourne College in Kent in the UK last week.
Copyright Vs Community - <http://cubicgarden.com/copyright/>

Here Richard Stahlman made it very clear why he always presses for GNU-Linux
to be called GNU-Linux. According to him, it is important to distinguish
GNU - produced as part of the 'Free Software' movement who take a clear
ethical stance on the free production and distribution software for the
benefit of the community
Linux- produced under the 'Open Source' ethos, motivated by a pragmatic
interest in what can be achieved technologically but with no stated
commitment to keeping the software free.

I should probably have already known this but, the open source movement,
being more palateable to free-market politics is good at blurring the

>> Alan Sondheim wrote:
>>> Stahlman has written eloquently on the development and use of the term.
>>> Other than that, I'm not sure how you're using it.
>> are you referring to the use of the term "gnu media" or just "gnu" ?
>> if gnu media () i invite you to post the txt+link w/in liken
>> i am interested in stahlman's writings ++ it will create a path to this
>> discussion.
>> i threw gnu media in to the [lyrical/emmpyrical] [re/mixtape] to
>> generate a path to the openness of of the early community.
> I was referencing 'gnu' - not 'gnu media' - but the term is really I think
> Stahlman's - he insists for example on Gnu-Linux and so it gets
> overdetermined - difficult to move elsewhere and for me a bit problematic
> to do so - I have some of the O'Reilly books here on Peer to Peer, use GNU
> Window apps a lot etc - alan

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