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Would anyone like to do a quick comparison between CAW project and 'Knowledge Authoring' stand-alone applications such as: Cultos - http://www.cultos.org/results/index.php . They have incorporated an ontology of Intertextuality which supplements the authoring process in relating texts, media files and meta-data. They stress a difference between 'thread' authoring (intertextual threads - a group of related texts/images/etc) and 'paper' authoring.

Their concept of intertextual threads creates a file that is both database and annotation (they compare this approach to PowerPoint [on steroids]). I'm interested in manipulation of the knowledge base - leaving the database in its distributed state until summoned - but this method would provide for a knowledge authoring system like the audio programs Reason or Live - which bundle 'session' files with their audio data files. The idea of session files is that they can be played back and/or reauthored/extended; the extensions can contain annotation and signature.

Would this method in some way 'threaten' open knowledge systems in some way (by instantiating personal (authorial) points of view), or is some closure good (just being rhetorical). In audio we have the term 'granular synthesis;' intertextual threads might be the knowledge equivalent which might be called 'granular texthesis.'

So we have community of practice knowledge farms (generates discourse activity and useful xml residual), derived (not specified) ontologies, and knowledge authoring systems (individual/unique compositions/narratives/navigation of a concept space - intertextual book - knowledge tourist guide), extended unique/enclosed threads that result in an intertextual web.

These 'threads' can be linked to wiki's and listserv's to provide for the dynamicism we so much crave. And I believe they can be microlinked (purple numbers).

Sorry to have ducked out of the conversation that I found very interesting. We have a conference here now (newmediabeijing.org).

Ken Fields

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