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sam de silva <> wrote:
>i wrote a small article called 'free code' for the 2001 media circus
>reader ...

thanks for posting this article.

sam de silva <> wrote:
>On May 25th 1999, an email from Microsoft marketer Ed Chase was sent to a number 
>of software corporations' executives, claiming that 'Linux is outselling Windows 
>98' in key retail outlets. This email was made public by Microsoft on June 4th, 
>in hope of dispelling the claims of monopolisation. The email was accepted as 
>evidence in the trial, but the judge hearing the case commented that it was 

this is an interesting aspect of this situation. are there further
[ideas/investigations] about the [invented/fictional] status [+/or]
constructedness of the 'Linux is outselling Windows 98' claim?
 ---> criticalartware coreDeveloper

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