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> sam de silva <> wrote:
> >On May 25th 1999, an email from Microsoft marketer Ed Chase was sent to a
> > number of software corporations' executives, claiming that 'Linux is
> > outselling Windows 98' in key retail outlets. This email was made public
> > by Microsoft on June 4th, in hope of dispelling the claims of
> > monopolisation. The email was accepted as evidence in the trial, but the
> > judge hearing the case commented that it was self-serving.
> this is an interesting aspect of this situation. are there further
> [ideas/investigations] about the [invented/fictional] status [+/or]
> constructedness of the 'Linux is outselling Windows 98' claim?

this is from a long time ago. i haven't looked in to it since. in terms of 
dollars - i doubt that linux sales, back in 2001 was generating more of an 
income that windows 98. linux comes in different flavours - some are 
available completely free; others for the cost of duplication/postage; others 
for a bit more.

imagine there's only a single car manufacturer. there's a legal case about the 
car manufacturer being responsible for increasing pollution because the way 
the car is manufacturered (ie. no emmission reduction, leaded petrol only, 
etc...). the car manufacturer would argue that there's much more forms of 
transport (walking, riding bikes, etc...) and therefore, the car manufacturer 
cannot possibily held accountable for the increase in pollution.

mmm - maybe a long winded analogy. 

i think the more interesting part of the story is the tension/difference 
between the term 'free software' and 'open source'. 

anyhow - leave it at that, sam :-)

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