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Kenneth Fields <> wrote:
>Would anyone like to do a quick comparison between CAW project and 'Knowledge 
>Authoring' stand-alone applications such as: Cultos - 
> .

this is an [exciting/challenging] comparison...

>Their concept of intertextual threads creates a file that is both database and 

the hybrid [database/annotation system] is one of great resonance to me
personally + to criticalartware. 

>intertextual threads might be the knowledge equivalent which might be called 
>'granular texthesis.'

this is a fabulous phrase: 'granular texthesis'!

>So we have community of practice knowledge farms (generates discourse activity 
>and useful xml residual), derived (not specified) ontologies, and knowledge 
>authoring systems (individual/unique compositions/narratives/navigation of a 
>concept space - intertextual book - knowledge tourist guide), extended 
>unique/enclosed threads that result in an intertextual web.
>These 'threads' can be linked to wiki's and listserv's to provide for the 
>dynamicism we so much crave. And I believe they can be microlinked (purple 

im very interested in this [imaginal/possible] network.
specificly, in relation to cultos:

"We assume that the work is not complete and never to be completed."
title: Proposal for a standard ontology of Intertextuality
developer: Motti Benari et al.

i am [particularly/particlely] drawn to this commitment to incompleteness. does
this sense of incompletion function as a form of openness?

 ---> criticalartware coreDeveloper

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