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Hi all, this is from blithe, reformatted in plain text.

From: blithe riley <>
Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 21:48:12 -0400
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Hey All,
I wanted to introduce myself. I'm the silent crit-ware member that has been
lost in the smoke of biziness. I've been reading through the posts trying to
catch up on the conversation.

in response to ben's comment...  (rambling format)

open source>
>In a sense, isn't all artwork is free or open source, at least conceptually?
>Even if you're creating a painting, aren't you pulling code from other
>painters, adding some of your own code, and recompiling? Surely the commercial
>end of the art world is a genetic algorithm, producing many small variations,
>and then breeding the successful children. Is knew media is the bank of genetic
>code from which we pull?

it seems to me that open source positions itself in opposition or side by
side by its capital driven counter part. In that case isn't the concept of
open source nestled within a distribution model, which quazi politicizes it
in some fashion?

open source  (lu)vs. feedback concept?

feedback '70's stylz>
Relating not only to a camera pointing at a monitor-- but sharing work
within ones community/ counterculture, and making visible the means of
production in order to create a cyclical relationship between
producer/audience, subject/object, etc. ...

...from ArtForum rticle

"In Radical Software art and activism were shown to be formally equivalent
on account of their shared practice of feedback. The symmetrical
relationship between closed-circuit installations and cable TV that
underlies this homology was addressed in a 1969 interview with Gillette and
Schneider reprinted in the first issue of the magazine:
FRANK:... Now, television is usually understood in terms of a receiver. Our
idea is to render that void. Television is something you feedback with as
much as you receive with--which is a symbiosis--which works both ways.
That's the vast potential of cable TV hooking up with portable

 soundart performance videoinstallation multimedia painting theory


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