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> i think the more interesting part of the story is the tension/difference
> between the term 'free software' and 'open source'.

but for the casual user....why use the term 'free' and 'open' ... both
these 'movements' (ideologies?) have substantial material and intellectual
thresholds...i think there is an issue with this 'gnew' blurry idea of
technological liberty - what exactly does one need to inherit this freedom?

this applies equaly to the prolific use of these terms as suffixes...what,
for example, is a 'free network'or 'open network'...within wireless
discourse, this seems to apply to '802.11b RF networks accessible without
MAC address filtering, WEP encryption, or requiring essid specific user
accounts'....sound like freedom to you?

i think we should reclaim the term 'bonus' 'bonus software', 'bonus
source' , 'bonus networks'... if, for example, you buy a laptop with a
pcmcia slot, an extra pcmcia 802.11b wireless networking card, ensure the
operating system supports pcmcia and wireless networking, install the
drivers, and learn how to use the connection software (or first install it
if its missing)...AND you stand within an area of a wireless node which
is non-WEP encrypted, has no MAC address filtering, and is configured for
DHCP...then you get a 'bonus network'!

'bonus' seems to be a more honest appraisal...

just to be sure...i think networks like, and movements like
the free software movement have real utility and value...but i think the
terminilogy we use to describe them can be misleading and naieve, and can
often misinform debate surrounding these 'movements'...why do we have
difficulty accepting that technology is expensive and difficult, and while
it remains this way it has little to do with openness, or freedom?

thats my 2 santimis


> anyhow - leave it at that, sam :-)
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