Re: [-empyre-] My $37.93 + my $13.53 = my $51.46

ben syverson <> wrote:
>Well, no one has built an interface yet, and it's certainly not an expectation 
>for all our users. We simply provide the possibility.

+ as we (criticalartware) have said before, we are very excited about the
possible permutations this option presents + look fwd to these

ben syverson <> wrote:
>I personally do not buy into any Platonic ideals about technology, and I think 
>it's extremely dangerous >to go down that path. Surely one thing that liken 
>demonstrates is that there is a disconnect between >human ideas and the actual 
>technology available. Vannevar Bush's ideas about the Memex were about >40-50 
>years ahead of the technology they resemble.


>clearly we can see that the continuous slow creep of technological advancement 
>[inspires/frightens] artists of every generation, even if the 
>[possibilities/promises] are constantly just out of reach. We see that the 
>discussions of one decade continue to the next, regardless of the technology 
>and buzzwords used.

during our presentation @ SFPCS we positioned 'cybernetic' as a term, like an
abandonware, which was once utilized in much the same way 'interactive'
currently is. we suggested that this was an example of the situation that
bensyverson describes as the 'short term memory loss in the art world'. 

ben syverson <> wrote:
>The community is so diverse already that I can't see why it shouldn't be able 
>to scale further. As more and more interfaces are added and more interviews are 
>posted, perhaps people will be encouraged to check it out. I'm excited to see 
>how seemingly unrelated conversations will intertwine and crossbreed.

as ben indicates, we sincerely hope that this month [with/in/on] empyre opens
pathways for empyreans to enter liken + participate [with/in/on] criticalartware.

 ---> criticalartware coreDeveloper

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