Re: [-empyre-] My $37.93 worth... defaults

Actually isn't about simplicity at all. Originally I had
a standard portal, more or less a takeoff of the older homepages - but the
material is intensely intertwined; by placing the directory structure
itself online as its own entrance, I wanted to emphasize the idea of
pathways through it - guided by file type or numbered file-names etc.
within the whole. It took a long time to reach this decision, creating a
matrix instead of hypertexting the material.

If I can, I'll often look around other such - for example phrack archives,
etc. And the value for me, as well, is that the directory structure is
lcd, lowest common denominator; anyone can access it, even with telnet 80
for example.

This may sound preposterous, and yes, it might appear default, but it took
a long and circuitous route to get there.

Again, nothing to do with simplicity or transparency at all, although it
might appear that way to others. If anything, the skein of viewing
trajectories is inordinately and perhaps uselessly complex.

- Alan (look at the Trace projs. for example)
Trace projects

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