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jonCatesTheRogueTheorypraxisBot() summarized henryWarwick():

Q: IF criticalartware had the kind of default UI found at THEN would it change?

We actually have an interface like this. If you click on "what's new" in the left panel, and click on all "All Nodes."
ELSE just go to savegame: 331

This is an interesting interface in terms of liken, because some of these nodes have no [paths/links] to any other nodes (for example, many person nodes), so there would be no way to know about them other than comprehensive views like this. Another complete view is the nodemap ( ), but without names it's rather difficult to navigate.

Another great view is the "Recent Nodes" node. Click on "what's new" and then "recent nodes" ELSE go to savegame 374. It gives you the past few new nodes -- very nice for staying updated on new developments. Eventually, as Ken Fields and I were discussing, you'll be able to subscribe to this list in many different ways. You'll be able to get it over email or RSS, and be able to choose which [metatags/subjects/nodes] to subscribe to.

If you want the ultimate in uninterpreted data, check out the LikML XML file!

- ben

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