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Henry Warwick <> wrote:
>Yesterday the voices in my head told me to read the kfor list for a change.
>on kfor I found:
>a discussion of net art in terms of painting (these posts are not mine) :

i have been considering the [referents/connections] of Wittgenstein, positivism,
zen fingers, digital boundaries + binaries, [true/false] [state(meants)/claims],
absolutes, ambiguities, cultural assumptions, the (secret [?]) lives of
listservs, communities under [constant /perpetual] construction, LEV, kfor,
eu-gene, empyre + criticalartware when the following thread which Henry Warwick
quoted from extended.


on kfor, [op8+!/felix] writes: 

"alors, the demise of the digital: any multiplication|replication of
codes|values which are E[0,1] inevitably converges towards zero = indifference,

the binary is dead because it simply keeps in line with the very a|o_ccidental
notion of duality.
all duality originates from the believe in an opposition of good and evil.
"this is a struggle of good and evil. and good will prevail" (g.w.bush)
since evil and good have become the same (g.w.bush + n+1_more) this duality does
not make sense anymore. nor does interpolation between the two.
hence the only way must be an extrapolation, i.e. exertion of the shutdown command."

subject: [kfor] webpaintings
from: op8+! <>
date: Sat, 29 May 2004 09:14:53 +1000


to which [Netochka Nezvanova/NN/integer] replies:

"01 else restarts or shuts down the computer and turns around.

simply.unconscious occident bagatele

uh! d!d sosnovsky return 2 rus!a !f he kneu he ud b 01 zlave ->"

subject: [kfor] 
date: Sat, 29 May 2004 03:52:42 +0200 (CEST)


the posts that Henry quoted, here on empyre, are from Zeljko Raznjatovic who
[posts/writes] in their own 'codespeak' similar to the style of [Netochka
Nezvanova/NN/integer]. as mini of you may know, the kfor listserv was formed
when the LEV listserv (Live Experimental Video mailing list) ceased to
[exist/operate]. as Clay Chaplin (the former [admin/moderator] of LEV) said the
"LEV list has moved and been renamed." the movement + renaming of LEV formed the
basis for the creation of kfor, a "Balkan network for video culture and media
art" @

this reasons for the end of LEV + beginning of kfor are mini + incomplete as
[screened from/filtered through] my limited [perspective/participation] but
these language games are their own hyperthreaded txt adventures + connected in
various ways to questions that have floated through these criticalartware ++
empyre [conversations/discussions].


on the [issue/question] of the art of (in)formations, eu-gene has @ times
(incl'ing recently) been intersecting in mini ways w/the recent threads:

Subject: [eu-gene] Paper - What is Generative Art?


Subject: [eu-gene] Haacke for hackers...

+ now:

Subject: [eu-gene] Hackers and Painters

in which Rob Myers references the new book "Hackers and Painters" by Paul
Graham. in the earlier post (Subject: [eu-gene] Haacke for hackers...), Philip
Galanter references a  paper of his own that inter[weaves/laces] abstract
expressionism, modernism + post-modernism, complexity, information theory,
system aesthetics + generative art [systems/projects/processes].

i have been considering these conversations, posts + writings in the context of
the empyre ++ criticalartware conversation specifically + the (in)formations of
art hystories more generally...

...x-[posting/pollinating] about webs of painting, networks of meaning,
hystoricizations + conversing while approximating floating-point values +
reentering the 36 Chambers.

 ---> criticalartware coreDeveloper

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