[-empyre-] An angel gets its wings : farewell to criticalartware and the experimental television centre

Dear -empyre-.

Thanks to everyone who read in and talked into the nodes of liken-empyrean
this month of May.

Thanks most of all to criticalartware.net (US) and the coredevelopers, Ben
Syverson, Jon Cates, Jon Satrom and Blithe Riley, and to their friends at
Experimental Television Centre, especially Sherry Miller Hocking.  Their
common insight has been into how, as jonCates notes,
> early Video Art moment specifically, as it formulated, influences and
> crosses so many of the genres and distinctions currently @ play,

Sherry's small  mantra (or perhaps its a Fluxus instruction program?!) likes
> all old media was new media
> all new media will be old media
> some media is now new
> all new media has old media roots

And this last from Ben (coda).

> Hey all,
> Every time a node is created in liken, an angel gets its wings. No
> wait, an image of the nodemap is saved. ...

Heartfelt thanks to criticalartware for participating and incorporating
empyre into the liken project as well, and for bringing the discourse of the
Video History Project with Sherry Miller Hocking into play.   Theirs is a
radical resistence to the forces of the control of information, and cultural
amnesia, and for those of us in the states, a matter of immediate urgency.

Please stay connected in May as we move south to  (virtual)  Australia with
Melinda Rackham as host moderator.  Look for her introductory post soon.



Criticalartware.net coreDevelopers:

blithe riley is an artist working primarily in video and performance.
her work explores the use of media systems (print, television,
cinema, etc.) to both disseminate and interpret cultural narrative.
using the language and gesture of media spectacle,  her work makes
visible the use of technology as a tool to blur distinctions between
real/imagined, past/present, and live/recorded. as a curator, she has
co-organized video screenings for such festivals such as
Transmissions festival, and Ladyfest Midwest Chicago. currently she
co-runs Press Play Video series in Pittsburgh, PA. blithe riley is
also a founding member of the Pink Bloque, a radical feminist dance
troop based in Chicago, IL.

bensyverson is an artistBox with several key features. bensyverson
outputs mediaTypes such as [movies/videos], web applications,
software and more. example bensyverson output files include the
satromizer plugin (2001), the criticalartware statementmaker (2002),
liken (2004) + the criticalartware operating system (in progress).
bensyverson can also export AI bots, such as the rogue
theoryPraxisBot "jonCates".

jonsatrom enjoys fresh fruit, smelling old circuits, strong coffee,
phat bits, short blips, sexy buttons and long walks on the beach.
jonsatrom's methods include compressing, hacking, satromizing,
breaking, bending, cutting, rewiring, + remixing. jonsatrom's output
consists of live video glitching, custom built hardware, colorful
glitchware + artware. jonsatrom works as a web-designer + systems
analyst + in his free time he enjoys riding dolphins + raising

jonCates is an artist w/a systems approach to new media. jonCates
currently teaches in the Film, Video and New Media dept @ School of
the Art Institute of Chicago. as a curator + organizer, jonCates is a
co-organizer of the Version>04: invisibleNetworks convergence, as
well as past Version festivals + curates Game-Video, a screening of
videos influenced [+/or] informed by video games. jonCates entertains
the idea that he may have an ontological status other than being an
AI bot designed by leet hackers high on energy drinks + cheese curls.

// http://www.criticalartware.net

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