[-empyre-] aiding with tonight's festivities: a drinking game for some ages

    greetings empyreans,

Up here in Montreal, Canada, we'll be playing the following game along with
several ex-pat US-ers, a few weirdos, artists, musicians, drunkards, freaks
and ne'er do'wells known as the "Souper" clan (a Tuesday salon here in the
North) -- and a stash of Southern Comfort, over ice, in honour of HST, who
says that Kerry is going to win ( check it:

s-player=true     )

The following comes from (stolen, really) Souper clan host and Spock Camp
nut of thee Burning Man, Mr. Bad:

Mr. Bad                          .O.
http://bad.dynu.ca/~evan/       ..O

cheers, tV



OK, so, I don't know a lot of drinking games, but here's my best shot:

[1.] One sip of preferred beverage every time:

- Any of the following words is used  :

"economy" "values" "character" "live coverage" "Decision 2004" "debate" "war
record" "leadership" "Iraq" "running mate" "red state" "blue state" "exit
poll" "precinct""reporting"

- We see any of the following people on the screen:

George W. Bush John F. Kerry
We see an American flag
We see an info-graphic based on a state-by-state map of the USA
We see polling information for "likely voters"

[2.] One gulp every time:

We cut away to a reporter at some pointless "live coverage" scene (outside
the Supreme Court, on the street in Miami, wherever)
Someone points out that it's electoral college votes, and not the popular
vote, that decides the election
Any reference is made to 2000 presidential election

- The following words are used  :

"too close to call" "Florida" "chad" "Constitution" "tragic events of
September 11th" "Massachusetts" "Texas" "Red Sox" "sluggish recovery"
"health care" "battleground" "Ohio" "Pennsylvania" "weapons of mass
destruction" "stem cell research" "the American electorate" "tax cuts for
the wealthy" "health care reform" "activate the party base" "The Internet"
"American troops" "United Nations"

- We see any of the following people on the screen:

John Edwards Dick Cheney Laura Bush Teresa Heinz-Kerry
Any images of 9/11 
Any gratuitous computer-generated animation

[3.] One shot of hard alcohol every time:

- We see any of the following people on the screen:

Anyone's mother
Any of the hot Kerry daughters
Any of the hot Bush daughters
Bill Clinton Al Sharpton Ralph Nader Bruce Springsteen
Arnold Schwartzenegger Michael Moore Walter Mondale Jimmy Carter

We cut away to a reporter at an empty "victory party" with bored people
standing around, or no one at all

We see white people dancing badly and clapping off-beat to black music

- We hear any of the following words  :

"Enron" "Tora Bora" "Muqtada al-Sadr" "Kim Il-Jung" "Fallujah" "elusive"
"squander" "Coalition of the Willing" "butterfly ballot" "Ronald Reagan"
"New York firefighters"

The reporting staff refers to how many Presidential election nights they've
covered together  

[4.] Two shots of hard alcohol if:

- The following words are used  :

"David Cobb" "Michael Badnarik" "Canada" "socialism" "My Pet Goat" "Mad cow

- We see the following people on-screen:

Eminem Al Gore Noam Chomsky Jacques Chirac Gerald Ford
Yasser Arafat dies 
William Rehnquist dies
Fidel Castro dies 
Osama bin Laden is captured
Saddam Hussein escapes



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