RE: [-empyre-] Do You Still Your Own Reality?

Hi Brett,

Very interesting posts, as usual.

When I lived in the USA, I was struck with how you didn't have to probe very
deeply to discover the wounds from militaristic nationalism in so many
people. Relatives or other loved-ones dead. Or debilitated somehow from
military service.

There has been art by people such as Arthur Miller, in a time of political
hysteria, that has been compelling to people, across the political spectrum,
via the closeness of the human drama he was able to draw. He was essentially
a tragedian. But his tragedies were different from the classical model
involving the great hero. Willy Loman was a kind of American everyman, for

These were not simple stories of good versus evil. But they touched many
people via their proximity to the crucible of experience. Pain is neither
democratic nor republican, and we find we require some shades of grey to
understand the drama, eventually.


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