[-empyre-] Non-Concession Decompression

A message from:

Abe Golam
Avatar-candidate for President, Experimental Party
Director of the Office of Political and Economic Insecurity
US Department of Art & Technology

My Fellow Americans and World Citizens,

I have been asked to use this time to concede victory to the present Republican
administration, to accept the rampant suppression of the vote, to trust in the
electronic voting machines that leave no paper trail behind, and to assume that
the President will follow through on his promise to unite the nation, even
though for four very long years he has done nothing of the sort.

I have been asked to concede the Supreme Court to the theocratic wingnuts, to
accept their extremist anti-environmental doctrines, to live by their anti-
intellectual, anti-Science, anti-culture value system.

My fellow Americans, I cannot and will not concede anything to these rabid
warmongers and social misfits.  I ask for your support as we continue our
campaign of hope and imagination, creativity and collaboration, peer-to-peer
networking and utopian dream synchronization. Together, and with patience, we
can take this country back and regain respect in the world.

Please join me in this non-concession decompression. If there was ever a time
for a nonstop experimental party, that time is now.

Abe Golam

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